Review of new projects in “old” Moscow for investment

Analysts from the portal, having analyzed new proposals on the market for new buildings in Old Moscow, have compiled a list of the best projects for investment.

Projects that appeared on the market from April to October were considered. Investment attractiveness was assessed according to the following criteria:

  • price of apartments. They should cost 30% less than in neighboring new buildings;
  • reliability of the developer;
  • distance from the city center;
  • proximity to the metro;
  • construction site. The residential complex should be located in a green zone, and there should be no large industrial facilities nearby;
  • the scale of the project. Investing in large projects is considered riskier.

The most attractive projects can be considered small residential complexes located near the city center near metro stations and park areas, built by well-known developers. The cost of such housing should increase significantly in the near future.

Based on these criteria, several projects that appeared on the market in the second quarter were selected in which one can profitably invest money. Premium and elite class housing were not considered due to the specific nature of investing in such projects.

Review of new offers on the real estate market that appeared in the second quarter of the year

From April to June, sales opened in 7 new business and comfort class residential complexes. This is 1 project less than in the first quarter of the year. The new proposals turned out to be more attractive from an investment point of view than their predecessors.

The ranking of leading new buildings looks like this:

  • 1st place – residential complex “Pravda” and residential complex “Present”
  • 2nd place – “TopHills”
  • 3rd place – “Neighbors 21/19”

In first place are two new projects: a business class residential complex “The present“in Ramenki and “Is it true» in the Beregovoy district. Both projects meet all the criteria for the best investment properties.

The cost per square meter of living space in the Real Estate residential complex is 253,000 rubles, and in the Pravda residential complex it is 244,000 rubles. This is 30% cheaper than other new buildings located in the same areas.

Both complexes are located near the metro and large transport interchanges in areas with well-developed commercial and social infrastructure.

But there are significant differences between them. The Pravda residential complex is a small project, which means it is more reliable, but the Nastoyashchee residential complex is being built by a larger developer. “Pravda” is being built by the PSN company, and “Present” is a project of Center-Investor.

The most affordable apartment in “Real” with an area of ​​35 sq. m can be purchased for 9.3 million rubles, and in Pravda you can buy one-room housing measuring 33 square meters. meters, for 7.9 million rubles.

In second position is the residential complex “TopHills“, being built in the Nagorny region. His apartments are not low in cost. But the residential complex has a very good location. Next to it there is the Nagornaya metro station and a large park. You can get to the city center in just 15 minutes. The project is being built by one of the largest developers in the capital – the company Ingrad. Like other projects of the developer, TopHills is a large complex occupying 125 hectares. The price per square meter of living space is 250,000 rubles, and an apartment with an area of ​​29 square meters. meters can be bought for 7.2 million rubles.

A new comfort-class residential complex made it into the top three “Neighbors 21/19“, being built in the Ryazan region. It has a good location. The Third Transport Ring can be reached in 6 minutes by car; there is the Stakhanovskaya metro station near the complex. The small scale of construction is another advantage of the project.

The disadvantages include the high cost of housing compared to the leaders in the rating. A meter of living space is sold for 213,000 rubles. Apartment with an area of ​​25 sq. meters can be bought for 6.7 million rubles. There are many social and commercial facilities around the complex, but there is also an industrial zone.

Other investment objects

The following projects also deserve close attention from investors:

  1. City Bay;
  2. MySpace on Festivalnaya;
  3. Bright world “Station L”

LCD “City Bay“Located in a picturesque location. The Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo region has good ecology. The project provides for its own embankment; the houses will be equipped with 30 public and 20 private terraces. The complex will also have 4 closed courtyards, children’s and sports grounds. The Trikotazhnaya MCD station is a five-minute walk away. A one-room apartment can be purchased for 6.8 million rubles.

The MySpace on Festivalnaya residential complex in the Khovrino district is located near the railway station, Grachevsky Park with a lake. Studios with an area of ​​10.7 square meters are sold here. meters for 2.7 million rubles. The apartments are finished on a turnkey basis.

LCD “Station L» is located in the Lyublino area near the Kolomensky Nature Reserve. Near the complex there are 2 metro stations, shopping centers, schools, kindergartens. There is a closed local area with multi-level parking. The apartments will be sold with completed renovations, fully ready for residents to move in. One-room apartment with an area of ​​23, 25 sq. meters here you can buy for 3.6 million rubles.

Investing in new Moscow buildings is very profitable. Over the past three months, there has been an increase in real estate prices in Moscow and, according to analysts at the portal, this trend will continue in the coming years.

During the period of self-isolation, despite the decrease in demand for housing within the range of 30-70%, the price per square meter of living space continued to increase. Developers did not stop building new properties, but continued to open sales in new buildings. This behavior of developers at the height of self-isolation showed that they are confident that housing will be in demand.

Restrictions imposed during quarantine slowed down the pace of apartment sales. Therefore, investors have a chance to find the most liquid housing at a low price among the lots for sale.

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