situation on the suburban real estate market

This fall, Ukrainians are more actively interested in renting countryside real estate than in the past, and the peak of searches occurred with the first October shelling and statements about the blackout. At the same time, the share of advertisements for rental houses equipped with generators has increased over three months. Which apartments outside the city offer additional comfort and where to look for offers on the market – in the latest OLX Real Estate analytics.

houses with electric generators

During the fall, the number of offers on the countryside rental market increased. Compared to September, the total number of listings on OLX Real Estate increased by 7%. The lion’s share of listings for almost 3 months are houses — 70% of offers. As of the end of November, the distribution of offers by type of suburban real estate is as follows:

  • house – 9,775 ads;
  • part of the house – 1,455 advertisements;
  • cottage – 1,428 ads;
  • townhouse – 558 ads;
  • duplex – 208 ads;
  • dacha — 202 ads;
  • club house — 84 ads.

The largest selection of apartments, according to OLX, from September to November remains consistently in the Kiev region, Dnepropetrovsk region and Odessa region. Moreover, in November, more than half of the offers (54%) are located within the populated area. You can choose housing up to 15 km from the nearest city among 39% of advertisements, but from 20 to 50 km there are only 8% of offers on the site.

They often offer brick houses, and the best prices are for houses made of aerated blocks

By type of walls in November, brick houses are most often offered for rent (77% of offers or 5.7 thousand advertisements), the most common type of external insulation is mineral wool (52% of advertisements), and the vast majority of heating is individual gas (57% of offers ). Renting such a house will cost the most in the Kiev region – on average 52,000 UAH/month (1.5 times more than in September), and affordable prices are offered in the Chernihiv region – on average 4,000 UAH/month.

Renting a house made of gas blocks with electric heating and external foam insulation will cost from 9,000 UAH/month in Volyn to 24,000 UAH/month in the Kyiv region. Brick houses with their own boiler room are most profitable to rent in the Rivne region – on average 3,850 UAH/month, the highest prices are in the Kiev region – about 98,000 UAH/month, which is 20% more than in September.

Demand for suburban real estate increased during attacks on infrastructure

Ukrainians themselves were more interested in renting countryside real estate this fall than in the past. At the same time, the peak of requests coincided with large-scale attacks on infrastructure on October 10 and 17 (38,587 and 37,356 searches, respectively), as well as with statements by the authorities about a possible blackout on October 31 (32,256 searches). Overall, in mid-November 2022, interest in country rentals was three times higher than in November 2021.

In terms of preferences in type of housing during November, Ukrainians most readily responded to the following advertisements:

  • about renting a summer house (13 reviews for 1 ad);
  • with solid fuel and individual electric heating (10 reviews per 1 ad);
  • with insulation with basalt wool, which retains heat better than mineral wool (11 reviews per 1 ad).

And the three most popular regions according to reviews of 1 country house were Transcarpathian region, Chernihiv region and Ivano-Frankivsk region.

In Ukraine there are more advertisements for renting houses with generators

The number of offers for renting houses with generators during the fall increased 6 times to 1,177 advertisements. During November, houses with a well were offered in 3,034 advertisements, and in 441 proposals the presence of a basement was indicated. At the same time, the latest announcements this month decreased by 12% compared to September.

The Ukrainians themselves react similarly – in almost 3 months, the demand for houses with generators has increased 4 times (from 3 to 10 potential tenants per advertisement). In October, the greatest demand for renting houses with its own well and basement is 9 and 10 tenants.

Average cost of renting a house 50 m², UAH/month






80 450

55 200




58 560

18 280


35 950




43 880

29 260





23 700


32 910

21 940

20 480

According to OLX Real Estate, November 2022

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