Slovenian Isola Marina is pushing herself hard to overtake rival Portorož

Having built a new pier at a cost of 2.3 million euros, the marina in Izola now has almost 800 berths and can accommodate vessels up to 12 meters in length. Currently there are more than 600 ships here. Last year the company’s turnover amounted to more than 3 million euros. Much stronger growth was recorded compared to 2020 after Porting acquired the marina later that year. The company plans further investments in infrastructure, digitalization and security. In the future, they want to focus on quality of services, improving living comfort and integration with the environment. In Izola, one of Slovenia’s three coastal municipalities, the number of visitors increased by 24% in 2022 and the number of overnight stays in accommodation facilities increased by 16%. Slovenians accounted for 57% of all visitor arrivals and 62% of overnight stays. However, the number of visitors from Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Most foreign guests come from Hungary and Italy.

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