Ten best cities in Montenegro for living and buying real estate

Despite the fact that by European standards Montenegro is a fairly small country, you can find cities in it for permanent comfortable living to suit every taste. The best cities to live in Montenegro are by no means the largest – for example, the capital of the country, Podgorica, as well as Niksic, Bar and Bijelo Polje, which exceed the 50 thousand population mark without taking into account the summer holiday season.

However, there are cities to live in Montenegro in almost all regions of the country and do not belong to the above quartet. On the contrary, the same Niksic has been considered one of the poor in the country for a long period of time, and in this case, investments in real estate do not seem profitable. The following cities in this charming Balkan country seem much more profitable from the point of view of living and purchasing real estate.

Budva – the capital of Montenegro

You can get around the seaside areas of Budva and the surrounding areas in less than an hour, although it will not be easy for even physically healthy people to get to those areas located above the city on foot. The advantage of Budva as a city to live in Montenegro is its good transport links with other settlements and even other countries.

New buildings are constantly being built in the city, dilapidated buildings are being reconstructed, and if you do not take into account luxury housing, the prices are quite reasonable – around 70 thousand euros for an apartment with a kitchen-living room and one bedroom. Another plus is the mild climate, which attracts many Russians who have already chosen this city.


Kotor is the best city in Montenegro for nature lovers

The “Best Cities to Live in Montenegro” category includes nearby Kotor, whose Old Town has been recognized by UNESCO. Like Budva, it is extremely popular among tourists and real estate buyers, but the majority of them are no longer Russians, but Germans, French and Scandinavians. Kotor is a major seaport, visited every day by about five thousand cruise ship passengers from April to October. The city is surrounded by high mountains, which creates a unique microclimate. It is not surprising that housing prices are slightly inferior to Budva and, with the same area, the same new one-bedroom apartment will cost about 60 thousand euros.

Tivat is the best city in Montenegro for buying luxury housing

The main advantage of Tivat is its proximity to the airport of the same name – only 7 km, which, however, does not affect the level of prices in the city itself, where they start at 50 thousand euros. This is the smallest in terms of population of all the capitals of the Montenegrin communities – about ten thousand inhabitants – falls into the cities for living in Montenegro thanks to its two areas: the Tivat Hills urbanization and the Porto Montenegro marina. Both of them present a real contrast with old Tivat, which also affects the cost of residential real estate: in the first case, prices start from 250 thousand euros, and in the second, buying luxury housing in the same luxurious surroundings will cost 500 thousand -1.5 million Euro.

Perast is a city in Montenegro with a historical past

One of the ancient Montenegrin towns that still retain traces of the distant past is Perast, located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor. This is not even a town, but a village, suitable for lovers of peace and quiet, since numerous restaurants on the shore close quite early, and there are no activities other than walking at this time of day.

Potential buyers of residential real estate in Perast, which, depending on the location, area and condition of the house, can reach up to 400 thousand euros, should remember that all old buildings are under protection and changing their appearance is prohibited.

Herceg Novi is a city in Montenegro with a unique climate

The first major city closest to the Croatian border is Herceg Novi, which is certainly one of the best cities to live in Montenegro. The point here is not only the geographical location, but also the unique climate: warm, dry summers and little rainfall in winter.

The popularity of Herceg Novi increased after the construction of a new seaport 3 km from the highway. At the same time, there was a significant improvement in infrastructure – a hotel, shops, beauty salons and three new residential complexes appeared. In Porto Novi, the cost of housing starts from 350 thousand euros, while in Herceg Novi itself it is three times lower.

Morinj is the best city in Montenegro for nature lovers


This small village is located at the northern end of the Bay of Kotor and stands out among the surrounding area for its genuine abundance of Mediterranean vegetation – including fruit trees such as pomegranates and figs. Another attraction is the local sand and pebble beach with crystal clear water. You can buy quality housing in Morinj for about 200 thousand euros, but foreign buyers should remember one thing: due to the northern location and high mountains, the sun usually sets around four o’clock, while in most of Montenegro it happens around seven o’clock in the evening .

Bijela is an environmentally friendly city in Montenegro

Not so long ago, a small town located across the strait from Tivat was practically of no interest to foreigners looking for cities to live in Montenegro. However, after wealthy foreigners drew attention to Biele, it began to develop dynamically, as well as the surrounding areas. Now here you can find new buildings at prices starting from one hundred thousand euros, and the maximum price for a luxury villa is 12 million euros. This ecologically clean place with unique flora and fauna is loved by fans of fishing, and reservations are required in local restaurants.

Bigovo is the best city in Montenegro for lovers of solitude


On the way between Budva and Tivat there is the tiny village of Bigovo, where just over a hundred people live. However, it is ideally suited for those who love solitude, and in the summer you can meet not only local fishermen, but also quite wealthy residents of large cities looking for peace. Despite this, even at this time of year it is considered one of the most secluded corners of the country. It is no coincidence that the famous musician Goran Bregovic chose it to live. The price for the pleasure of being alone with yourself and admiring the bay in the light of the setting sun will cost no less than 200 thousand euros.

Ljuta – the most romantic city in Montenegro

Only ultra-wealthy people can afford to settle in the village of Ljuta, on the shores of the Bay of Kotor near the Lovcen mountain range. Ljuta is considered not only the place of the most romantic restaurants in Montenegro – such as Stari mlini, but also an ancient monument. The village has several ancient palaces, whose appearance is strictly protected and regulated by rules and regulations. Some of these buildings have up to ten rooms, and such a luxurious structure will cost 2 million euros, not to mention maintaining it in proper condition.

Lustica Bay – a city in Montenegro with great potential

The list of “Best Cities to Live in Montenegro” ends with the Lustica Bay complex, which occupies just over six percent of the Lustica Peninsula. While part of it is under construction, in the future there will be a large shopping center, boutiques, a sports port for yachts and gourmet fish restaurants. New buildings in the village itself cost about 90 thousand euros for a new one-room apartment, while in the Village Marina urbanization near the Marina village prices start from 400 thousand euros.

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