The average cost of rental property in Portugal is currently 14.1 euros per sq. m. m.

Immediately in 8 of the 12 capital districts of the country, indicators increased. The quarterly jump in rental prices was 5.3%, and the annual increase was 26%. Lisbon is still the most expensive city for rent – average prices are 19.6 euros per square meter. In Porto, a meter of housing for rent is estimated at 15.2 euros. The most economical places to live in rental housing were Castelo Branco (5.6 euros/sq. m.), Viseu (6.2 euros/sq. m.) and Viana do Castelo (7.7 euros/sq. m.). m.)

Rental prices are rising in all regions except the Algarve. Lisbon is considered the most expensive region for renting real estate (17 euros/sq. m.). Next come Madeira (12.2 euros/sq. m.), Algarve (12 euros/sq. m.) and the North (11.9 euros/sq. m.).

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