The best beaches of Thessaloniki

The Greek city of Thessaloniki is the country’s largest population center along with its capital, Athens. Thessaloniki has a reputation as the cultural capital of Greece, however, holidays here are not limited to just visiting historical attractions, many of which are included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. The city is also famous for its beaches, although it should be borne in mind that the best beaches of Thessaloniki are located quite far outside the city limits.

Where to swim in Thessaloniki


In Thessaloniki itself, despite the presence of the sea, there are very few suitable places for swimming. This problem is explained by the fact that Thessaloniki is the largest port in the country, where not only passenger but also cargo ships call.

Naturally, such a massive concentration of ships cannot but affect the quality of the water, and therefore the beaches in Thessaloniki leave much to be desired – first of all, in terms of water purity.

The water in the bay, which under other circumstances would be perfect for a beach holiday, contains traces of the activity of liners, tankers, barges and other sea vessels that are visible to the naked eye. If tourists want to combine business with pleasure and stay in Thessaloniki, then the only option for them is a hotel with a swimming pool, and for couples with children – a visit to the Waterland water park.

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The best beaches near Thessaloniki


Local residents have long been accustomed to the fact that for a relaxing beach holiday or water sports it is necessary to travel outside the city limits to a distance of at least 15-30 kilometers. This is where the best beaches near Thessaloniki are located, which are also visited by foreigners.

The vast majority of them are free, with the exception of sun loungers and umbrellas, which you have to pay to use. Alternatively, you can order a drink for the same price, and then these accessories become unlimited use for the whole day.

Almost all beaches near Thessaloniki have their own characteristics and differ in appearance from each other, not to mention how crowded they are. The most popular ones are listed below.

Beach in Thessaloniki with blue flag Agia Triada


Agia Triada beach is located about 20 km from the city (bus no. 76) and is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece. Most likely, it received a prestigious European award for the purity of water and sand, since the infrastructure here is not well developed, except for relatively cheap bars and restaurants.

Agia Triada beach on the map

Beach in Thessaloniki Perea


Perea, which is very popular among both Greeks and foreign guests. Firstly, it is surrounded by pine forests, which has a beneficial effect on health; secondly, this is the closest beach to the city, which is located halfway from the airport. And finally, you can taste classic Greek dishes at very reasonable prices;

Perea Beach on the map

Beach in Thessaloniki Nea Michaniona


Nea Michaniona beach, on the contrary, is on the other side and twice as far. However, the advantage of such remoteness is the absence of noise and a small number of vacationers, which allows you to swim with small children. In addition, there is a fish market here and, if you have a stove in the apartment, you can buy fresh seafood and try yourself as a cook.

Nea Michaniona beach on the map

The category “Best Beaches of Thessaloniki” also includes Nei Epivates and Epanomi. It is extremely difficult to get to the latter, next to which the golf courses are located, on your own, so it is recommended to rent a car. The same goes for the Halkidiki peninsula with its abundance of beaches, the nearest of which takes about an hour and a half to drive.

Nudist beach in Thessaloniki


In addition to the usual beaches in Greece, which is distinguished by its liberal views, there are many nudist beaches where you can meet vacationers from different countries. True, the vast majority of them are concentrated on the islands: Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and others. As a rule, such beaches are “wild” and do not have any infrastructure.

There are significantly fewer nudist beaches on the Greek mainland, and in the vicinity of Thessaloniki there are only two. However, these places cannot be called “neighborhoods”, since you will again have to get to the Halkidiki peninsula. Actually, the northern part of Kalamitsi beach is nudist, hidden from prying eyes, while the rest of the beach is where “ordinary” vacationers swim and sunbathe.

The second nudist beach in Thessaloniki – Platania is also located on the Halkidiki peninsula, in close proximity to the village of Sarti, where there is everything you need. Platania itself, characterized primarily by clean, almost transparent water, is, by and large, not nudist; historically, nudists chose it many years ago, to which other visitors did not object.

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