The best cities in Slovenia to live and buy property

In addition to Montenegro and Croatia, among the Balkan countries, potential emigrants from Russia are showing interest in Slovenia, which, unlike the two above-mentioned states, is part of the Schengen zone. This makes it more attractive in the eyes of not only travel enthusiasts or those wishing to receive a European education, but also businessmen planning to open their own business in the European Union.

However, one should take into account a number of features of Slovenia, which, in a number of indicators, differs markedly from both its neighbors in the former Yugoslavia and from many other EU countries that are very popular among immigrants from the republics of the post-Soviet space.

First of all, in Slovenia there is actually no such definition as a “Russian-speaking diaspora” and, accordingly, there are no such “Russian” cities like Budva (Montenegro), Larnaca (Cyprus) or Torrevieja (Spain). With a total population of 2.1 million people, of which more than 85% are ethnic Slovenians, there are no more than two thousand immigrants from Russia, all of them scattered across different cities. Among them, people under the age of 40 with higher education and a stable job predominate.

The vast majority of local residents live in the ten main cities of the country, the largest and most developed of which is the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. In addition, immigrants from Russia prefer to settle either in settlements located on the coast – such as Koper, Portorož, Izola or Piran, from where it is easy to reach Italian Trieste by car, or in the central part near high mountain lakes, while the eastern regions for permanent accommodation is chosen by units.

The best cities in Slovenia to move to

Another fairly common option among immigrants is Maribor, where the climate, despite the distance from the sea, is milder, without sudden temperature changes, heavy rainfall and winds in the winter. By European standards, Maribor, which has its own airport, is considered a fairly developed city with all the necessary infrastructure (schools, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers) located within walking distance. Another advantage is the presence of a university (the other two are in Ljubljana and Koper), where tuition fees are less than two thousand euros per year, subject to obtaining a diploma recognized in all EU countries.

The best cities to live in Slovenia

Koper, where the international seaport is located, also has all the infrastructure necessary to stay here for a long time: shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, kindergartens and playgrounds. In addition, it is much warmer here than in Ljubljana, which is important for families with children. Ljubljana is more suitable for young people, since it is here that entertainment venues are concentrated and nightlife is in full swing, while in other cities everything freezes long before midnight.

Cities of Slovenia

At the same time, the cost of renting housing in Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper, which is of interest mainly to students, is almost comparable. However, a considerable part of them opt for the nearest suburbs (15-20 minutes by car or bus), which are no worse equipped than many other areas. And the crime rate is so low that items and money left behind are likely to be returned to the owner if he comes forward, and elementary school children are sent to and from school on buses unaccompanied by adults.

Housing prices in Slovenia, as in the vast majority of countries in the world, are determined by the location of the property. Foreign investors are primarily interested in houses and apartments in Ljubljana, on the sea coast or at thermal springs, where they range from 2-4 thousand euros per square meter. Buying housing in these regions of Slovenia has long been a profitable investment for the purpose of subsequent rental (investments pay off on average in 5-7 years), while for a quiet, secluded life it is better to choose places in the rest of the country where the price is 1 sq.m. rarely rises above one thousand euros.

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