The best-selling new buildings in New Moscow in 2020 according to

Analysts from the information portal, dedicated to real estate, calculated how many apartments were sold in 2020. The data showed that 57% of the lots purchased in the first half of the year are located in five large-scale complexes of New Moscow, where about 100-200 lots are sold per month. It was estimated that the price per square meter of housing has increased by 15-20% in recent months.

To date, about 8 thousand apartments have been sold. This figure is 39% lower than in the first six months of 2019. The majority of sold apartments (57%) are located in five popular residential complexes. Last year, top residential areas accounted for only 40% of all sales. Therefore, experts agreed that the demand for lots in new buildings in New Moscow continues to grow. This pattern has been observed since the beginning of this year, despite the fact that apartments are currently being sold on the market in 33 complexes located in different areas of the capital.

Who became the top seller in the first half of the year?

The leader in the first half of the year in terms of the number of lots sold was the developer of the complex “Salaryevo Park“, offering comfort-class housing.

This residential complex contains 16% of all apartments sold. On average, 210 remote control agreements were concluded with customers every month. At the beginning of the year, buyers were more active. Since March, the number of sales has decreased by 41%. Demand was affected by self-isolation and restrictions adopted in connection with quarantine. The difficult economic situation affected not only demand, but also the cost of sq. m. meters. It rose from 7.2 million to 7.7 million rubles. In the first half of the year, you had to pay 128 thousand rubles per square meter of housing in Salaryevo Park; now a square meter will cost 147 thousand rubles. Thus, it can be calculated that its price has become 15% higher.

Who took second place in the number of lots sold?

The developer Rumyantsevo Park entered the top three in terms of the number of lots sold. He sold 13% of the total number of lots sold in New Moscow. On average, the residential complex sold 170 one- and two-room apartments per month. In March-June, sales decreased by 55%. analysts also noticed a significant increase in the cost of apartments in the residential complex “Rumyantsevo Park” A meter of housing at the beginning of the year cost 123 thousand rubles, today you need to pay 147 thousand rubles for it. This is 20% more than in January-March. The average price for an apartment increased by an average of 1 million rubles. If earlier a one-room apartment could be bought for 7.1 million, now they are asking 8.1 million rubles for it.

Who owns the third place in the number of homes sold?

About 10% of the lots were sold by the developer of the Scandinavia residential complex. Last year it was in second place in terms of the number of signed management agreements. In January-March of this year, an average of 150 apartments were sold there per month. In April, the sales rate began to decline rapidly. Now we can say that in the second quarter the pace of apartment sales fell by 42% compared to the first quarter.

Price per meter of housing in Residential complex “Scandinavia” from 126 thousand rose to 147 thousand rubles, that is, it became 17.5% more. Today, a one-room apartment in this new building can be bought for 8.7 million rubles, and back in March it cost 7.9 million rubles.

How other developers coped with the crisis

Our analysts attribute the popularity of lots in New Moscow to their relative cheapness compared to housing prices in other areas of the capital. Sometimes the price difference reaches 40%. Apartments in houses that are part of large-scale projects are especially in demand. This is due to the fact that such residential complexes are distinguished by developed infrastructure, high-quality landscaping of the surrounding areas, and proximity to transport interchanges and the metro. Buyers’ interest in apartments in such residential complexes has remained high, despite the decline in household incomes. Developers, in turn, are trying to maintain pre-crisis housing prices. At the same time, statistics show a 50% drop in sales compared to last year.

Only two new residential complexes were able to maintain the pace of sales: Alhimovo and Akvilon-Park.

The demand for apartments did not fall, but on the contrary increased by 18% compared to the first months of 2020, in “Alhimovo”. June turned out to be particularly successful in terms of the number of deals concluded.

Shows similar sales dynamics Residential complex “Aquilon Park”. The second quarter brought the residential complex a 38% increase in sales, and the largest number of apartments were sold in June.

The First Moscow Residential Complex endured the crisis period worse than others. In April-June, the developer sold 94% fewer apartments than in January-March 2020.

How the cost of housing has changed in New Moscow

According to analysts from the portal, in the first half of the year the average price for lots in New Moscow increased by 11%. The average square meter of housing was 141.5 thousand rubles. In the Novomoskovsk district this figure is 143 thousand rubles. Just a year ago it was 121.7 thousand rubles. The cost of apartments has increased significantly in the Akvilon Park complex. Average price per sq. meter was 173 thousand rubles, and apartments – 8.1 million rubles.

Housing remains inexpensive in the popular “Novye Vatutinki” and “Desna”. Here you can buy apartments for 5.1 million rubles. The average cost of a meter of living space remains at 117 thousand rubles.

Due to the decline in consumer demand, competition among development organizations has increased. The winners were developers implementing large-scale projects. They were able to offer buyers the most convenient infrastructure, landscaped local areas and low cost of housing. Residential complexes located near metro stations and the Moscow Ring Road turned out to be especially popular. The largest number of apartments were purchased in them. Taking advantage of growing demand, developers have increased the cost per square meter in their residential complexes. Analysts noted that the cost of apartments will continue to rise.

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