The city of Bar in Montenegro: areas, beaches. Real estate in Bar

City of Bar: port and resort in Montenegro

One of the most frequently visited seaside towns in Montenegro by tourists is the city of Bar, which, unlike a number of other resorts, is also a full-fledged city, as well as a major transport hub. It is in Bar that the railway line leading from the capital of the country Podgorica and Serbian Belgrade ends, although such a route looks as exotic as it is long and inconvenient. And in this case you will have to forget about European comfort.

In addition to the railway station, the city of Bar has a large seaport, where a ferry arrives from the Italian city of Bari, so life here does not stop for the period from November to May. In addition, the Montenegrin resort of Bar has developed all the infrastructure that allows you to live here peacefully all year round if you have a residence permit.

Another advantage of Bar is the level of prices for food and other consumer goods, which are significantly lower than in the “promoted” Budva. Many Russians, tired of some of the monotony of Budva, recently discovered the city of Bar in Montenegro, and in terms of their numbers they are now practically not inferior to tourists from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Representatives of these three countries account for the vast majority of foreign guests, although gradually citizens of the European Union are also settling in Bar.

In addition to the Marina Bar port area and the Old Town, which is a historical architectural monument (the smartest way to get to it is by transport), there are six residential areas in Bar:

  1. New Bar;
  2. Old Bar;
  3. Bjelishi;
  4. Burtaishi;
  5. Cheluga;
  6. Shushan.

The last area, located about two kilometers from the city center, is the largest of all the others and is equally suitable for summer holidays and permanent residence.

Beaches of Bar


The central beach of the city of Bar in Montenegro is Topolica, which is located directly opposite the hotel of the same name. However, it is not particularly popular among the vast majority of vacationers due to the proximity of the seaport – in general, the beaches in the New Bar area leave much to be desired – therefore, both tourists and locals choose other places to relax in the “sea and sun” style. With all their diversity, the pleasure will be complete when traveling by transport, since almost all alternative options are located either on the edge of the city limits or beyond.

As an illustrative example, they cite the famous Big Beach throughout Montenegro, the length of which is more than 13 km. Its advantage, if we take into account other beaches in the city of Bar, is that there is enough space for both water sports and entertainment with small children. In addition, this beach is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, which cannot be said about the “wild” Kraljevo beach, where those wishing to relax can only be reached by sea. However, this beach has a minimum of amenities in the form of toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas, as does the nearby Maljevik, which is considered one of the most secluded in the region.

As in Tivat, a peculiarity of a beach holiday in Bar is that the popular beaches are located at some distance from the city center – on the so-called Bar Riviera. These beaches include:

  • Zhukortlitsa (in the suburbs of Bar);
  • Crvena plaza (it got its name because of the reddish color of the sand);
  • Solace (one of the favorite places of divers);
  • Dubrava;
  • Sutomore.

Almost all the beaches of the Bar Riviera have a gentle slope into the water, which is why you can find many families with young and middle-aged children on the shore.

Property in Bar, Montenegro


The fact that Bar is not one of the main Montenegrin resorts has a direct impact on local prices for residential real estate.

Real estate in Bar looks more affordable than in Budva or Tivat. For example, it is not so difficult to find a used one-bedroom apartment for 50 thousand euros within walking distance from the sea; if we are talking about a new building, at least ten percent should be added, and when we are talking about luxury real estate, then its cost should be multiplied at least four times.

You can learn more about the areas and real estate prices in Tivat and Budva from our articles:

A huge advantage of Bar is the possibility of living there all year round, and unlike other resort towns in winter it does not give the impression of an extinct settlement. On the territory of Bar, whose permanent population is not much more than 14 thousand people, there are seven secondary schools and, and everything is adapted to ensure that visiting specialists and businessmen stay in this city: a fish market, shops, bars and restaurants with national cuisine.

Real estate in Bar is in demand in its largest area, Shushan, surrounded by a “green zone” of mainly coniferous trees, which creates a unique microclimate here. In the same area of ​​Shushan you can buy detached houses at prices ranging from 60 to 200 thousand euros, and everything that is more expensive belongs to the category of villas, for the construction of which there is enough free space. At the moment, Bar is only in the development stage, but it is likely that in the near future it will be able to compete as a top-class resort with Tivat, Kotor and Budva.

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