The city of Kotor in Montenegro. Accommodation in Kotor

The city of Kotor in Montenegro – “Balkan fjord”

One of the most unusual and beautiful cities in Montenegro is Kotor, located in the narrowest part of the Bay of Kotor. For this, it was once nicknamed “the southernmost fjord of Europe.” Of course, this bay has nothing to do with fjords, but it is one of the twenty-five most picturesque bays on the European continent, and was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity.

In addition, the city of Kotor in Montenegro is considered a leader in the number of attractions. Among the latter, it is worth noting the fortress gates, behind one of which, Morskie, is the main square of the city, called the Armory. In this square, attention is drawn to the so-called “pillory”, to which the guilty were tied for various sins that did not deserve more serious punishment. Another unique place, a street less than a meter wide, which, unlike many others, has its own name – Pusti me proc, which translated means “Let me pass.”

This name would be quite suitable for the local port, where huge cruise ships call during the tourist season, but only one can fit at the pier. The rest have to stay in the roadstead, and passengers are transported on “transfer” boats. In this regard, Porto Montenegro in Tivat is certainly superior to the yacht marina in Kotor, although the city itself and its surroundings look much more beautiful. To verify this, it is enough to climb the fortress wall almost three hundred meters high, although you need to have sufficient endurance to do this.


Visiting the vast majority of attractions, as well as swimming at local beaches located away from the city center, will not be of interest to children, especially younger ones. The city of Kotor in Montenegro is, rather, its cultural and historical center, which can be traced to the influence of the Venetian Republic that ruled here in the Middle Ages. This is where the second nickname of this settlement comes from – “Montenegrin Venice”.

Accommodation in Kotor

However, despite many advantages, including a mild and warm climate, the price of housing in Kotor is far from Italian and averages from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand euros per square meter. The most expensive apartments are in the buildings of the Old Town, since it is very difficult to find a suitable option here, and the supply has been limited for many years. Given the historical value of the houses in the area, their appearance should be preserved, while no new buildings should appear in the UNESCO protected area.

New buildings located a couple of kilometers from the Old Town, far from the noise produced by numerous tourists, are in high demand. Most often we are talking about such suburbs and nearby villages as Dobrota and Orahovac, where the price of a new two-room apartment with furniture can reach up to 150 thousand euros. There is no longer any space left for construction in Kotor itself, so the market is overflowing with secondary real estate.


The main places where foreigners – mainly Italians, Germans, French – buy housing in Kotor, in addition to Kotor itself, are:

A wide variety of real estate is sold in these places: from small (up to 50 sq.m.) apartments requiring renovation to land plots, the average cost of which is around 70 thousand euros. In areas such as Orahovac, both ancient stone and modern villas on the first line of the sea are sold, the price of which for the most part ranges from 300-400 thousand euros. Such housing in Kotor and its suburbs is of interest to owners of yachts and boats, since there are quite a lot of berths on the coast. In addition, due to the healing climate, foreigners with health problems tend to buy housing in Kotor.

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