The first online exhibition of foreign real estate MIPIF online EXPO: results and prospects of the new format

June 15-21, 2020, – the first online exhibition of foreign real estate MIPIF online EXPO triumphantly ended. From this moment on, we can officially consider that all participants in the event have written their names in the history of the foreign real estate market.

Dictated partly by the coronavirus crisis, partly by the desire of the organizers to try out a new promising direction, the format of the exhibition has shown its success and relevance.

The first online exhibition of foreign real estate MIPIF Online Expo

How it was

Over the 7 days that the main part of the exhibition lasted, 19,780 people visited it. Such a significant increase in visitor statistics compared to the previous offline exhibition MIPIF is easily explained – guests of the current event came from all over the world, including from remote regions of Russia. MIPIF online EXPO participants did not need to spend time and money on flights, travel, or hotels. They simply opened the MIPIF virtual exhibition complex on their smartphone, tablet or computer and, right at home, on vacation or during a work break, interacted with exhibitors, speakers, listened to webinars and received answers to their questions.

Business program

As usual, the MIPIF exhibition was not without its highlight – the Business Program. This time she was given 4 days. A total of 42 webinars were held as part of the Business Program, including 4 round-table broadcasts with several experts. The total recording time was 32 hours. Each visitor had the opportunity to pick up a recording of the webinar they were interested in at the speaker’s company stand or purchase the entire package of webinars from the organizers.

The first online exhibition of foreign real estate MIPIF Online Expo

48 companies decided to go down in history as exhibitors of the first online exhibition of foreign real estate MIPIF. At the same time, 124 experts were online at the same time, communicating with visitors in individual chats and video conference rooms at company stands.

Geography of the exhibition

In addition to the solid personnel, the MIPIF exhibition has also grown geographically. Offers for purchasing real estate and investing from 22 countries were available to guests of the online event. These include: Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Montenegro, France, Switzerland, Portugal, USA, UAE, Czech Republic, Monaco, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Caribbean countries, Georgia, Mexico, UK.

The extent to which this format is in demand among clients can be judged not only by the statistics of online visits for the entire main time, but also by requests to extend the exhibition. In this regard, MIPIF online EXPO was extended for another week, until June 28, so that as many people as possible who are interested in the topic of buying a home abroad, investing in foreign commercial and residential real estate, foreign construction, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship of another country, legal subtleties moving and opening their own business there, were able to satisfy their interest as much as possible before the hot viewing season, when epidemiological restrictions will be lifted and it will be possible to personally visit the sites.

What will happen next?

Based on the results of the exhibition, the MIPIF team is going to hold a conference at which exhibitors will share their experiences and impressions, interesting cases of companies’ work at the exhibition will be discussed and new MIPIF projects will be presented, including the upcoming hybrid online + offline exhibition of foreign real estate, which will be held in October 2020 in Moscow.

You can join the conference using the link, participation is free.

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