there is more work for beginners

Ukrainian employers are increasingly willing to hire candidates without experience. This is shown by the statistics of the personnel portal The number of offers for those who are just starting their career path or are looking for work in a new profession is increasing at a noticeable pace. In July, vacancies for specialists without experience and students were displaced from second place in the ranking of the most in-demand professions in the IT field. In the overall structure of the labor market, vacancies for specialists without experience occupy 12.7% of all current ones. This is a very good result, because the IT sector has been firmly in 1-2 place in the ranking for many years.

For now, employers need more newcomers than IT specialists. Why did it happen? One of the reasons is that company owners are optimizing their businesses, that is, they are looking for ways to save money. It is easier for them to hire an inexpensive specialist with no experience and teach him the necessary knowledge and skills in practice than to hire a specialist with a high salary. Another reason is that the retail industry is actively restoring the search for personnel. The increase in the number of vacancies in this area is occurring at a significant pace, exceeding the dynamics in other areas.

No proof required: there are more robots for beginners

However, the activity of applicants without experience has increased significantly in recent months. Before the war, 5-8 people applied for one job in this category. Since April, competition between candidates without work experience has already ranged from 14 to 15 people per job. In August, it became even more difficult for a specialist without experience to find a job. There are twice as many applications for one vacancy – 28 applicants. This trend is explained by the fact that during the crisis experienced by the Ukrainian labor market, job seekers often face problems in finding employment. Unable to get a job in their profession, workers move to other fields and try to get positions that do not require work experience.

What employers offer

Let’s start with the money issue. Predictably, most employers offer low salaries to candidates without experience. Although there were some pleasant exceptions. So the statistics are:

  • 6,000-9,100 UAH are offered by 47% of employers;
  • 9,100-12,200 UAH (35%);
  • 12,200-15,300 UAH (10%);
  • 15,300-18,300 UAH (5%);
  • over 18,300 UAH (3%).

On average, the proposed salary for specialists without experience is significantly lower than the average salary among all vacancies in July (UAH 22,460, according to

But employers often offer convenient work schedules. Working classic full time requires only 34% of them. You can count on a flexible schedule in 36% of cases, and a shift work schedule in 29%. The ability to work remotely is indicated in only 1% of current vacancies. “Distance” is a rare phenomenon because most often specialists without experience are hired for positions that require physical presence. More details below.

TOP 10 most popular professions

The undisputed leader is the retail sector: salespeople account for 40% of current vacancies. Trade has always needed a large number of workers, including newcomers. “Silver” is held by filling station operators (17%). The top five is completed by three professions from the service sector and working with clients: secret shopper (13%), secret inspector (8%), sales manager (3%).

The second five looks like this:

  • WMS systems specialist (3%);
  • sales floor administrator (3%);
  • bank cashier operator (2%);
  • project coordinator (2%);
  • waiter (2%).

This list will surprise few people. There are no critical professions that require special skills (doctors, engineers, etc.). But there are professions that can be mastered relatively quickly from scratch.

Employers in the capital post the most vacancies for newcomers (Kyiv accounts for 12% of vacancies). The event lags behind a little: Lviv region – 10%, Ivano-Frankivsk region – 9%. The distance from the front line allows local labor markets to operate more or less normally. Although the border Sumy region also holds the mark – 9%. The Dnepropetrovsk region closes the top five with 6%.

The data was obtained as a result of analyzing the database of vacancies and resumes of the personnel portal in August 2022.

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