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Tivat, Montenegro – areas

The second city of Montenegro is considered to be Tivat, which, like its capital, has an international airport. It is in Tivat that flights from Russia arrive, and the vast majority of its citizens then go to Budva and other large resort towns on the coast. The city itself is chosen mainly by Montenegrins who own real estate in Tivat as a holiday destination. This choice is explained by the small number of tourists, warm water in the Bay of Kotor, cleaner beaches and the presence of a large number of green spaces.

There are six tourist areas in Tivat:

  • Airport surroundings;
  • Old Tivat;
  • Kalardovo;
  • Donja Lastva;
  • Donya Seljanovo;
  • Porto Montenegro.

The least popular real estate in Tivat is in the old town and around the airport. In the old city, housing is mostly quite old and located some distance from the coast, since the first line is occupied by expensive hotels. This area is quite small in size, and therefore the choice of apartments here is small, and the prices are lower the further from the sea. On average, a one-room apartment can be purchased for 50-70 thousand euros, a two-room apartment – within one hundred thousand, and the chance to buy a studio is only around 30 thousand euros. However, it should be borne in mind that several thousand euros will have to be spent on renovations, since it is almost impossible to find a new building here.

A similar level of real estate prices in Tivat occurs in the area of ​​the local airport. And although the noise it makes is quiet and infrequent, such a disturbing neighborhood significantly affects the value of real estate. Another significant disadvantage is the lack of developed infrastructure: you will have to travel to almost any place, be it a store or a pharmacy.

The Tivat-Kalardovo area experiences the same transport problem, although it is ideal for lovers of solitude and silence.

The optimal areas for buying real estate in Tivat seem to be Donja Lastva and Donja Seljanovo, which are distinguished by a fairly large selection of new buildings at reasonable prices, a reasonable number of tourists and a well-equipped infrastructure. The prices also speak for themselves, and depending on the location of the house, the quality of the finishing and the number of bedrooms, they can reach 300 thousand euros – almost like a small villa. The cost of a villa in Tivat sometimes exceeds a million euros, and we are not talking about the famous Porto Montenegro area, but only about its proximity to it.

Porto Montenegro area, Tivat Montenegro


The yacht marina of Porto Montenegro and the houses standing on its shores, as well as the Regent Hotel and the yacht club, are the most expensive area not only of Tivat, but throughout Montenegro. Almost fifteen years ago, Canadian millionaire Peter Munch decided to implement an ambitious project at a submarine repair base and build in its place the largest berth for luxury yachts on the Adriatic Sea. To attract them, not only was border and customs control simplified to a minimum, but also the construction of luxury hotels, boutiques of famous brands, a yacht club and a golf course began.

In 2016, 52% of the project passed into the hands of investors from the UAE, who plan to further improve this “city within a city.” Amenities and entertainment for private yacht passengers going ashore include:

  • two swimming pools;
  • Turkish bath and sauna;
  • conference hall;
  • art galleries;
  • the shops;
  • cafe, bar and gourmet restaurant;
  • fitness center;
  • night club;
  • tennis court;
  • bowling, squash and cricket courts.

Members of the yacht club can take a yacht management course and receive the appropriate license. Subsequently, they take part in sailing races designed for one or two athletes.

However, do not forget that real estate in Porto Montenegro, as well as living in this area, is extremely expensive. This applies both to guests of the Regent Hotel, where 200 euros are not considered a high price for one night, and to those who have real estate in Tivat, specifically in Porto Montenegro, for whom a penthouse for five million euros is a common thing. Almost any housing in this luxury complex will cost at least five times more than a similar one in size in any other area of ​​Tivat, if you do not take into account luxury real estate.

Beaches of Tivat


Due to the fact that Tivat is located in a bay and is virtually isolated from the Adriatic Sea, the water temperature here is a couple of degrees warmer, and the swimming season lasts longer. In Tivat and its immediate surroundings (up to 5 km), there are more than ten beaches, of which small-pebble Belane and Župa are located in the city itself. In the latter case, a park of the same name is adjacent to the beach with various water activities for children and adults.

A special feature of Tivat is the fact that it takes a long time to get to most beaches on foot, and in remote areas they lack developed infrastructure. Real estate in Tivat in such isolated places as Kalardovo or Opatovo is in less demand due to the distance from the amenities of civilization. Even further away is the so-called “Island of Flowers,” which is worth a visit because of the collection of rare plants that sailors brought from all over the world.

The Montenegrins themselves note the beaches of Donja Lastva and Donja Seljanovo, which have every chance in the near future to become one of the best on the Adriatic coast. At least in Selyanovo, vacationers are offered not only bars and restaurants, but also a pier from which they can go on boats for sightseeing in other places.

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