Since 2016, Ukraine has seen fierce competition between a large number of construction companies. Almost every month the number of completed projects that have been put into operation is growing. This rapid trend is observed in Kyiv and its suburbs, as well as in the western regions. Developers have developed a number of advantages that make them stand out from the crowd. However, in most cases, the buyer responds to the low cost of housing.

Let’s take a look at the country’s largest construction companies:

Major developers in Ukraine


The company was founded back in 1993, it is engaged not only in the construction of new buildings and development of development strategies, but also acts as a lender. The most large-scale project is the “Patriotika” residential area in Kyiv. The project includes the construction of about 33 new economy class buildings, the height of which does not exceed 26 floors. At the moment, more than ten buildings have been commissioned. It is possible to purchase housing at a discount or in installments.


This corporation was founded in 1991. “Ukrbud” currently unites a large number of enterprises and organizations throughout Ukraine. The developer has sold more than 60 houses in Kiev, and the total square footage of constructed buildings throughout the country exceeds 10 million square meters. m. Convenient discounts and promotions were provided for future buyers; it is possible to obtain housing in installments up to 30 calendar months.


Today, Kievgorstroy is a powerful construction complex with many years of experience. The company has highly qualified builders in all areas. Their activities are certified and meet the relevant standard requirements. The developer uses modern technologies using new equipment and innovative architectural solutions. They have a large number of commissioned social facilities: hotels, residential buildings, sports facilities. For future clients there is a system of discounts, installment plans and mortgages.

Saga Development

The company was founded in 2015, it specializes in residential real estate in Kyiv and Odessa. The range of its services is diverse; the company is engaged in the construction, purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate.


The construction company was founded in 2003 in Lviv. “RIEL” is just gaining its popularity. At the moment, no more than 4 objects have been put into operation. Customer reviews are mixed. The developer has entered the Kyiv real estate market.

ZIM Capital Group

The company is a developer, customer and investor of housing construction projects. 3 new buildings have already been built, about 4 are planned to be completed by 2019. The company has a good platform and strong capital.


This developer has a factory for the production of reinforced concrete structures, a building design office and a fleet of all kinds of construction equipment. As of 2019, two objects have been commissioned and four are under construction.


This is a holding company consisting of a number of companies that build new buildings and sell finished real estate. Independence is a young company with positive development dynamics. The developer gained a good reputation thanks to such new buildings in Kyiv: “Prestige Hall” and “Art Hall”, business centers. In Dnepropetrovsk: residential complex “House on Mechnikova”, a football stadium and the office of Privat Bank. In the future, the company plans to expand geographically.

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