TOP real estate agencies in Kyiv. Review

To complete one of the main transactions in life, namely the purchase of real estate, you need to choose the right real estate agency. And despite the fact that a huge number of such organizations now offer their services in Kyiv, not all of them are honest and provide truly high-quality real estate services.

top real estate agencies

Only by choosing the right real estate agency can you not worry about the reliability of your transactions. And also, each potential client has the opportunity to receive the most favorable conditions offered in the process of purchasing real estate. In this regard, there was a need to consider the TOP rating of real estate agencies operating in Kiev.

Review rating of real estate agencies

When choosing a proven and reliable real estate agency, you should pay attention to the rating of the following companies:

  • Planet Obolon;
  • Vector-V;
  • KievDomServis;
  • Profi Realt;
  • KievDom;
  • Realty-Best;
  • InGold;
  • Capital City;
  • Realt Soft;
  • Real Com Kyiv.

Let’s look at the features and services provided by the above-mentioned real estate agencies operating in Kiev.

top real estate agencies

Planet Obolon

The Planet Obolon real estate agency provides a full range of real estate services related not only to the sale and purchase of real estate, but also to the rental of apartments. The company began its activities in 1996, after which it received many positive reviews on solving citizens’ issues related to housing. On the agency’s website you can find a complete list and description of apartments available for purchase and rental. In addition, the company provides assistance in legal support of transactions and preparation of the necessary documentation.


Vector-V is a Kiev real estate agency that provides the opportunity to search for the best offers of real estate for sale and purchase. In addition, specialists working in this company can additionally provide services related to the preparation of documentation for real estate or its restoration, if necessary. There are also experts in the field of home appraisal, technical inventory and other services.


In 2009, the real estate agency “KievDomServis” was founded, which to this day provides clients with the opportunity to use highly qualified services of realtors in selecting real estate for purchase or rent. Here they will help in terms of support and execution of transactions related to the purchase and sale of both residential and non-residential real estate in Kyiv. For 10 years, they have been helping in the preparation of short-term and long-term investments, acquisition and sale of real estate assets.

Profi Realt

The real estate agency “Profi Realt” occupies a worthy place in the real estate market. The company has been operating for more than 8 years. During this period, they helped to purchase and sell many real estate properties. The peculiarity of this real estate agency is that a huge number of services are provided on a turnkey basis. In addition, a long-term lending service is available here in the process of purchasing real estate.


Since 2014, the KievDom agency has been offering its services in the field of real estate search. Many years of experience have made it possible to gather here not only the widest database of real estate assets, but also to gain a reputation among other companies that provide similar services. The peculiarity of this real estate agency is that payment for services occurs only after they are fully provided to the client.


No less professional real estate services on the Kyiv real estate market are provided by the Realty-Best agency. Here you can select apartments not only for purchase, but also search for commercial and residential real estate for further rent. The specialists working in this company use modern technologies and sales techniques, carry out proper advertising marketing, and also provide advice in case of difficult situations.


The InGold real estate agency provides the services of experienced realtors who help you choose not only decent, but also affordable housing. On the company’s website you can view the database of objects that are offered for sale, purchase or rent. There are apartments, houses, residential complexes, non-residential types of real estate and even land plots.

Stolny grad

For 13 years, the Stolny Grad agency has been successfully working in the real estate market. A real team of professionals operates here, helping to purchase or rent the best options for apartments or houses in Kyiv. In addition, the agency provides services for the selection of luxury real estate.

Realt Soft

One of the well-known real estate agencies in Kiev is the Realt Soft company. She earned her fame due to her clean reputation, positive reviews and the annual attraction of new clients. Despite the fact that the agency’s main office is located in Kyiv, it has representative offices in the Donetsk and Kharkov regions, where they also provide services for the selection of apartments and houses.

Real Com Kyiv

If you want to use the services of a results-oriented real estate agency, you should pay attention to the Real Com Kyiv company. Only dedicated and highly professional workers work here, who provide assistance to the population in selecting real estate for purchase or further rental. Regardless of the complexity of the transaction, the work will be completed as quickly as possible and accessible to each client.

Therefore, when searching for a trusted real estate agency in Kiev, you should be guided not only by the advice and recommendations of loved ones, but also pay attention to the TOP rating of the best companies in the modern real estate market.

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