Types of real estate in the Czech Republic

Real estate in the Czech Republic, like in any other country, has its own characteristics and nuances that you need to keep in mind in order to find the home of your dreams.

People who are planning to rent or purchase housing in the Czech Republic for the first time may be very surprised by the layout of the apartments, since it is quite different from Russian and European ones. In this article we will introduce you to the main types of real estate in the Czech Republic that are found on the market, which will help you understand the characteristics of the offers presented on the market.

Housing in apartment buildings


Apartment buildings in the Czech Republic come in several types depending on the building material: panel (panelový dům or panelák), brick (cihlový dům), monolithic (montovaná).

Panel apartment buildings are one of the most common types of real estate in the Czech Republic. They are known for their thin walls, poor sound insulation and lack of parking. Many Soviet-built panel houses are gradually being renovated, acquiring brighter facades and well-kept courtyards with playgrounds.

Brick houses most often represent old housing stock. Brick is rarely used in the construction of new residential complexes. This type of real estate in the Czech Republic is characterized by high ceilings in apartments and thick external walls, while internal walls are almost as thin as in panel houses. Experts note that apartments in such buildings require higher heating costs.

Most of the new residential complexes in the Czech Republic are represented by monolithic houses. New buildings in the Czech Republic (novostavba) most often have their own underground parking and a cozy green surrounding area. However, it should be noted that each developer in the Czech Republic has its own characteristics in construction, which affects the layout, wall thickness, noise and heat insulation, etc.

Now let’s move on to the layout of the apartments, which usually surprises newcomers to the Czech Republic. If in Russia the kitchen and corridor are usually not included in the calculation of living rooms, then in the Czech Republic they are all considered. A Czech feature is the frequent combination of kitchen and room when planning. That is, kitchen equipment occupies one of the walls of the living room and is called a kitchen corner (designated KK).


Let’s consider all the designations that can be found in advertisements for rental and sale of housing in apartment buildings in the Czech Republic.

  • 1+KK or “garšonka” is one living room combined with a kitchen corner.
  • 1 + 1 – one-room apartment with a separate kitchen. If the kitchen area is equal to or exceeds the area of ​​another room, then such an apartment automatically moves to the next category 2 + KK.
  • 2 + KK – two-room apartment, one of the rooms is combined with a kitchen.
  • 2 + 1 – apartment with one bedroom, living room and separate kitchen.
  • 3 + KK – apartment with two bedrooms and a living room, which is combined with a kitchen.
  • 3 + 1 – apartment with two bedrooms, living room and separate kitchen.

Rooms in old apartment buildings most often have approximately the same area (approx. 20-30 m²). The bathroom is usually combined with a toilet. However, in some apartments of type 2 + 1, 3 + KK, 3 + 1 you can find separate bathroom and toilet rooms. In very rare cases there is an additional bathroom. In some Czech apartments you can find beds in the form of a mezzanine (this is usually done in small apartments to increase living space).

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Types of private houses in the Czech Republic


Rodinný dům (family house) is a private house for permanent residence, which can consist of a single or several floors. It can be located both in the city and in the suburban area. It usually has several bedrooms, a living room, a separate kitchen and a garage. For this type of real estate in the Czech Republic, the typical area is from 200 to 1000 m². Family houses are equipped with all necessary telecommunications. Elite houses, as a rule, have their own sauna, relaxation terrace, and gym.

Vila (villa) is a two-story private house with its own garden. The villas are characterized by a large number of bedrooms, a spacious living room with large windows, as well as a private area with a garden and a swimming pool. This type of real estate in the Czech Republic, as in other European countries, belongs to the category of luxury housing.

Chalupa is a private house for permanent residence with its own plot of land. Such houses are mainly located in rural areas, where farmers or gardeners live. Typically, such a house has a cellar for storing vegetables and preparations. The number of rooms and their layout are individual.

Chata (hut) – in the Russian sense, it is a dacha, a country house in the countryside for living in the summer. All communications are connected to it, but most often it is impossible to live in it in winter due to the lack of a heating system. There are many options for this type of real estate on the Czech real estate market. The layout of residential premises and outbuildings is individual.

V bloku (townhouse) is a two-story house with its own territory and often a small garden. Townhouse which consists of several apartments. Owners of this type of property in the Czech Republic have a separate entrance. In the courtyard of such houses, as a rule, there is a parking lot, a recreation area and a children’s playground. Complexes with townhouses can accommodate 4 or more families.

Types of commercial real estate in the Czech Republic


Commercial real estate in the Czech Republic includes catering premises, hotel complexes, retail premises, etc. From the point of view of investment, commercial real estate for rent is in demand in the Czech Republic, which can provide a stable income. You can find out more about this type of investment from the specialists of the Jusreal portal.

As you can see, real estate in the Czech Republic has its own characteristics. It is worth paying attention to the names in Czech, which will help when searching for real estate in the Czech Republic to buy. We discussed some of them above, but below we will expand the list of terms.

  • If you are looking for a new building, then in Czech this type of real estate sounds like “novostavba”.
  • An apartment building under construction is found in real estate offers as “ve výstavbě”.
  • “Před rekonstrukcí” means a house before major renovations, and “po rekonstrukci” means renovations to a house have already been completed. In the case of an older home, the latter means that all major systems have been completely replaced.
  • In advertisements for rental housing, you should pay attention to the “Poplatky” clause, which means that utility bills are not included.
  • “Nízkoenergetický” is a private house with reduced energy consumption due to increased thermal insulation of walls and windows. The cost of such a house is higher than usual.
  • When searching for a plot of land without a house, you should focus on the word “Pozemky”.

You can find out more about the real estate market in the Czech Republic here.

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