Until September, the largest Kyiv developers will offer potential buyers discounts ranging from 10% to 25%,

Until spring, the largest Kiev developers will offer discounts ranging from 10% to 25% to potential buyers of housing in the primary market. About the process Volodymyr Sementsov, co-founder and active partner of the INSPI Development company.

Volodymyr Sementsov, co-founder and active partner of INSPI Development

According to the expert’s data, the size of the savings is determined by us in advance of the stage of development of one residential complex, the section of the warehouse of a residential complex, the number of unsold apartments, as well as the financial possibility of forgetting ovnik to conduct daily life, minimizing the profit of the masses. At the end of the day, in properties where over 70% of living expenses are paid, for the purpose of paying 100% of the apartment rent, the size of the reduction can vary from 10% to 15% in hryvnia equivalent. In objects where there is less than 50% of the investment, the reduction may be 25% in hryvnia.

“We are talking about those that have received discounts for apartments put up for sale at pre-war prices and with the maximum payment at the time of purchase. Zabudovniki are insured to attract potential buyers to properties with a high level of readiness,” said Volodymyr Sementsov.

The expert predicted that in 2021, the volume of m2 in the primary market, which falls under the residential complex class, increased by 25-35% in dollar equivalent. At the same time, from the other half of the leaf fall on the primary market of the largest Ukrainian cities, there was a decrease in the quantity of land by an average of 15-20%. And before the start of the war, it was predicted that 2022 would be the year of absolutely stable prices.

“In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2021, prices on the primary market reached their economically determined maximum. Therefore, at the end of the year 2022, with the increase in the productivity of everyday life, caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation, and in the minds of perhaps zero population, an increase in the volume of m2 for the buyer is unlikely to become an effective option “Oh, I’ll drink it for growth,” the fakhivets voiced.

Volodymyr Sementsov has shown respect for those that in the coming months developers will be able to attract buyers, and not through the piece “hype” and “fear” of a possible price rise. In your opinion, in your opinion, more loyal mental programs from the termination and public disclosure of the memory book are directed to informing about the transfer of the terms of putting objects into operation, about the burning plant. market and changes in the company’s plans, and will turn the trust to the same companies often encourage potential buyers to invest pennies in the same way.

At the same time, as the expert said, while active combat operations continue, while further legacies of the war are not predicted, it is unlikely that it will be possible to insure on the basis of the growth of the population in the primary market of life.

“Before spring, it is unlikely that a change in this trend will be possible: sales of housing on the primary market will be spotty, and not systemic, so it is important through the subjective reasons of a particular buyer, and not due to market conditions,” the resident emphasized. INSPI Development.

The expert said that in 2021, an average of 50-55% of all apartments in the primary market were sold through this additional mechanism. In this case, the left part of such sales (at various estimates from 30% to 40%) took place at the early stages of life, when the price of m2 was the most profitable for buyers – on average 30-35% lower, but Also at the stage of putting the facility into operation . In my opinion, in the next 2-3 months, one of the most pressing problems for forgetful people will become the most important food supply for apartments for payment in objects at the beginning stages of life, the life of which was limited to non-values ​​of the term in.

In order to avoid bankruptcies and concentrate on obtaining property at a stage of readiness of at least 50%, as is important to the Fahivet, the forgetters can develop a mechanism for re-registering rights to future apartments, adding payments to frozen people through in other objects, in apartments in booths, such information is available at the final stage.

“In this way, two goals will be achieved: the elimination of bankruptcies through the avoidance of debts taken on (the freezing of new objects), the withdrawal of payments for termination of terms, the costs of which will be directed towards further development of the most ready-made objects,” – the result iv vin.

Volodymyr Sementsov also spoke about the succession to the Law “On introducing changes to certain legislative acts of Ukraine to ensure civil protection during the planning and forgetting of the territory” No. 7398.

The expert, having noted that this document may create such thoughts, for which bags of newborns can be protected from vibukhs, vibukhs, from the presence of chemical, bacteriological, radioactive substances.

Nowadays, it is emphasized that Law No. 7398 requires developers to give more respect to buildings of secondary importance, such as underground parking with the functionality of a bomb shelter (more reinforced and better ventilation These premises have a number of exits, with engineering communications (water supply, heat supply, etc.), sanitary units, places for preparing food), which would accommodate at least all the bags of the cabin and sections of the residential complex), and also, for needs, plan additional safe spaces in the middle of the apartments and on the surfaces.

In the case of Novobudov for 100 apartments, the expert has analyzed in detail how Law No. 7398 can be applied to the work of developers.

Before the underground ukritts, then, in his words, we will go ahead with the construction of an underground place of underground significance – an underground “parking lot-bombshevil”. In Sementsov’s opinion, such placements are likely to be covered by the predicted number of residents of the housing complex and its surrounding sections. And for a comfortable stay with such a conduit, at least 3-5 m2 should be required on the skin pouch of Novobudovo.

“The building with 100 apartments has a predicted average number of 200-250 residents, the bomb-busting parking lot has approximately 1000 m2 of space with additional spaces (sanitary units, months for preparation and The provision of pre-medical care will also be provided for a more comfortable stay at nyumu hulks. It’s clear that these numbers need to be taken into account, but at the moment in similar booths the area of ​​the planned parking lot is 700-1000 m2,” the expert said.

Volodymyr Sementsov reported that before the start of the large-scale military invasion, over 50% of Ukrainian new residents did not have underground parking. And in over 40% of new residential complexes, the capacity of underground and surface parking lots is on average 2-2.5 times lower than in accordance with the existing regulations prescribed by Government regulations. Having guessed what is good with the DBN, for a 1-room apartment, the parking coefficient should be carefully placed at the location of the next day’s cabin and the number of rooms should be set to 0.5 for a 1-room apartment. and 0.8-1 for 2.3-room apartments. So, for example, for a building with 100 apartments, built in the middle zone of the place, with 50 1-room apartments, the total number of underground and surface parking lots may reach 90. At the same time, according to his assertions, The underground parking lot itself is a happy road . Moreover, the cost of underground parking amounts to 20-25% of the total cost of construction of the entire residential complex.

“The theory of the adopted bill is to build a booth with a proper parking lot-bombshell, which can adequately accommodate all of your bastards, perhaps at least 10-15% in size according to your class, to Only a few apartments are being renovated,” he said.

Another mechanism for the implementation of Law No. 7398, according to the Fakhivtsa, can be the creation of “comor-ukritts” or “panic rooms”, as the stinks are called behind the cordon, in the skin area from a size of 3-5 m2 per skin bag ntsya apartments. For an apartment, such a space can be designed with an area of ​​approximately 10 m2.

“Nutrition is important – this is the functionality of such accommodations in peacetime, as well as their usefulness. Responsible for the stench of uninsurance, escaping to the knowledge of Israel, for less intense missile strikes than those that began in Ukraine. Therefore, for all Ukrainian forgetters, vikoryists have a practice of regulating the placement of places of secondary importance in the appearance of parking lots-bombs,” he said.

The expert noted that the adoption of Law No. 7398 does not affect most projects, the implementation of which has already been launched or the confirmation of the project will be carried out before the beginning of the military aggression, and the law does not have a reversal force. At the same time that the document becomes available at the site, the project documentation will be divided and approved even after the date of compliance with the law.

“At this stage, this law is more of a “framework”, “shell”, and also requires the development of the mechanisms of its implementation and the transfer of obligatory burdens, which may be similar to the creation of a parking-bombshell in new towns And so it’s a safe place in the apartment,” – Volodymyr Sementsov concluded.

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