Utilities in Thailand. Maintenance of real estate in Thailand

The owner of a home in Thailand is required to make timely payments for utilities, which, in addition to the supply of electricity and water, include garbage removal, lighting and yard security, routine repairs and maintenance of the local area. There may also be charges for use of the playground, gym and laundry facilities that are part of the development.

Utilities in Thailand

The cost of maintaining real estate in Thailand consists of the following expenses:

  1. Maintenance of the territory. Most of the real estate in Thailand is located in residential complexes (condominiums) with public swimming pools, gardens, security, etc. The more extensive the infrastructure of the complex, the greater the amount of annual payments for its maintenance. On average, the tariff is about 1$\m2 per month. This payment is usually made to the management company once a year.

  2. Public utilities. In Thailand, water and electricity are metered at the beginning of the month. If payment is delayed for more than two weeks, penalties begin to accrue, so many property owners in Thailand (link to catalog) leave a deposit in the account to write off funds in case of late payment of utility bills. The cost of one cubic meter of water is 25-35 baht. The average water bill is about 500 baht. If the buyer has purchased an apartment with a swimming pool, then he also pays for the services of the management company for filling and maintaining the pool – about 300 baht every month. The water in the apartment is heated by an electric heater, which consumes the largest amount of electricity, as well as an air conditioner that cools the premises in the summer months. The state electricity tariff is 3.5 baht per 1 kW/h. Pool cleaning filters (if equipped) also consume a large amount of energy. The average electricity bill can range from 2.1 to 6 thousand baht per month (from $70). A cubic meter of water costs a little more than a dollar.

  3. Television, Internet. Internet connection costs approximately $20 per month. The owner of the apartment can write an application for cable television connection. The subscription fee for this service is approximately 10 euros per month.

You can also install a special set-top box that receives information via a Wi-Fi network. This device will allow you to view up to 50 Russian channels. The cost of connecting the set-top box is about 4,000 baht.

Owners who rent out properties often use the services of an agency to help find, move in and move out tenants. Such services in Thailand cost about 20% of the rental price.

Other expenses for maintaining real estate in Thailand


New condominium apartments are equipped with water and electricity meters. If you are buying a villa or house, there may be additional costs associated with the installation of measuring equipment.

Thailand is a country with a humid tropical climate and rich flora and fauna. Insects, rodents and snakes cause a lot of problems for owners of private houses, who often turn to the services of specialized companies involved in disinfection and deratization. An annual contract with such a company will cost the home owner 8-9 thousand baht.

Citizens who leave Thailand for a long period of time can enter into an agreement with a cleaning company to carry out regular cleaning of the premises. This service is quite relevant due to the high humidity of the environment. If there is a garden near your home, you will have to hire an appropriate specialist who will care for tropical plants. This service will cost about 1 thousand baht per month.

Lack of regular cleaning and sufficient sunlight in your home can lead to mold growth. The cost of one cleaning event is about 500 baht.
The estimated cost of maintaining a typical apartment in a Thai condominium is 6-8 thousand baht. The fee for a separate house with a swimming pool can reach up to 15 thousand baht.

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