Visa to Portugal for Russians. Tourist visa to Portugal

For Russians who are not residents of Portugal or any other country included in the Schengen agreement, and also do not have an open Schengen visa, a short-term visa to Portugal will be required. As in many Schengen states, there are five types of Portuguese visa, however, when submitting documents, each case has its own national characteristics that are not typical for other countries. Portugal differs from them even in that in Moscow, documents are submitted directly to the consulate, and in other cities – through visa centers.

What kind of visa is needed for Portugal for Russians depends on the intentions of the trip. We will tell you more about the different types of visa to Portugal below.

Tourist visa to Portugal for Russians

Any tourist trip to a country in the European Union and the Schengen zone requires a standard set of documents, the first part of which is designed to identify the tourist’s identity, and the second is to become proof of his financial solvency. In case of a tourist visa to Portugal, Russians need to prepare the following package of documents:

  • application form;
  • international passport;
  • standard photograph and biometric data;
  • medical insurance.
  • a certificate from work or school indicating the address and telephone number of the organization.

If previously the salary indicated in it was taken into account as proof of income, now this is the original bank account statement. The amount per person should be at least 75 euros on the first day and 40 euros for each subsequent day.
The changes also affected air tickets, which must be purchased if the trip lasts more than 35 days, as well as when visiting two or more countries.

A tourist visa to Portugal for a minor traveling with one parent requires a notarized permission from the second, and sometimes (usually if the spouses have different surnames) a marriage certificate. The child may be required to have a birth certificate and his or her own passport, since regardless of age, children included in their passports are not eligible for visas to Portugal.


Visa to Portugal for Russians with real estate

To obtain a visa to Portugal, Russians who own Portuguese real estate, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, require documents on the ownership of housing (caderneta predial / registro predial) and confirmation of payment of utilities for the last three months. Much more documents will have to be presented to relatives and friends, even if they fly with the owner on the same flight and on the same dates. The requirements placed on them increase due to the following set of documents:

  • copies of pages of the previous passport with Schengen visas;
  • copies of all completed pages of the Russian passport;
  • an invitation from the property owner in accordance with the established form;

This applies to relatives and friends of Russian property owners in Portugal who have a tourist visa to Portugal, but who do not have a residence permit or citizenship.

If the inviting person is a resident or citizen of Portugal, it will be necessary to demonstrate his legality in the country, as well as the degree of relationship with him. And in any case, an indispensable condition from the invitees is a certificate from work indicating the amount of wages and a bank account statement for the last three months, which theoretically should serve as a guarantee of the guest’s return to their homeland instead of a desire to join the ranks of illegal immigrants.

Business visa to Portugal for Russians


The list of additional documents for Russians applicants for a business visa to Portugal varies depending on the status and profession of the invited person. The easiest thing is for members of official delegations, who need a copy of the invitation and their full name on it.

Almost the same conditions apply to participants in cultural exchanges between sister cities, with the difference that the invitation from the Portuguese side must be accompanied by a letter from the mayor of the Russian city mentioning in the list the person traveling and basic information about him. In fact, this is the same tourist visa to Portugal, but not for one applicant, but for the whole group.

In turn, those going on a business trip, in addition to the invitation, must demonstrate a plan for participation in events or other confirmation of the purpose of the trip. For individual entrepreneurs, Russians, to obtain a visa to Portugal, in addition to such a plan, they are also required to confirm their type of occupation (a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur will be quite sufficient) and a bank account statement for at least three months.

Independent journalists with a similar set of documents are equated to individual entrepreneurs, and those working on the staff of the publication must present an identification card and a letter from work, which indicates the editorial task and the deadline for its completion.

Visa to Portugal for educational, scientific and other activities


In this case, we are not talking about a student or work visa type D, which implies the issuance of a residence permit for a long stay in the country. This type of Portugal visa is intended for participants in various activities in the fields of science, culture, education and sports. Education refers to short-term courses organized by a Portuguese educational institution (school or university), whose management must send an individual or group invitation to students and accompanying teachers, if we are talking about minors.

When inviting athletes, the receiving party indicates the purpose for which they are going to the country – unless, of course, it is a group vacation, for which a regular tourist visa to Portugal is requested. The same applies to representatives of the teaching staff going to give a course of lectures. And in each of the above cases, a separate item is a sponsorship letter as confirmation of financial solvency, issued either by the receiving or sending party.

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