Justreal company offers its clients the service of obtaining a long-term visa type D “Visiteur” when purchasing real estate in France. This type of visa is similar to obtaining residence as a financially independent person, which does not require tax residence.

Possessing a “Visiteur” visa has the right to reside in France 365 days a year and has a full residence permit without the right to work and employment. The “visitor” visa in France is provided for foreign citizens who receive stable income in the country of citizenship or residence, and allows not only to live in Europe, but also to subsequently obtain permanent residence in France and European citizenship.

Benefits of a Visitor visa in France

The main advantages of obtaining a visitor visa in France are:

  • special tax status – having a “visitor” visa in France is not a fiscal resident of the country and, according to the double tax treaty concluded between France and Russia, does not pay taxes on income;
  • unlimited stay in France and the Schengen countries;
  • the right to free education for children in public schools and kindergartens, as well as education in private schools in France;
  • the possibility of obtaining permanent residence status and subsequently citizenship.

It is important to note that France is one of the most loyal countries in Europe towards immigrants. After five years of holding a residence permit, i.e. With a visitor visa, you can obtain permanent residence. After another year, apply for French citizenship.

Requirements for obtaining a Visitor visa in France


Non-EU citizens planning to obtain a long-term D visitor visa in France must:

  1. purchase or rent real estate in France. There are no official requirements for the value or size of the property, but for a family of two adults and one child the minimum cost of housing must be 300,000 euros. In the case of renting, the area of ​​the property must be at least 20 square meters for each family member, including children;
  2. confirm official income of at least 1,500 euros per month for each family member;
  3. at the time of submitting documents, provide a bank statement confirming the presence of an amount of at least 16,800 euros per person in the account;
  4. When applying for a visa together with minor children (from 6 to 18 years old), enroll the children in school in France.

How to get a Visitor visa in France

The initial submission of documents is carried out at the French consulate in the Russian Federation. The processing time for documents is from 1 to 3 months. After receiving the visa, the applicant and his family members do not come to France and send confirmation of border crossing, as well as other documents, to the French Migration Service (OFII). Afterwards, you must personally visit the migration service for an interview, as well as undergo a medical examination.

After completing all the necessary procedures, a so-called “vignette” is pasted into the visa holder’s passport, which represents a residence permit, which is initially issued for one year. Having a French residence permit, a resident may not leave the country, but after a year, in the same OFII department, renew his residence permit for the next year.

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