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The first thing you need to know from a legal point of view:

Seasonal rental of housing is a commercial activity. Accordingly, if you plan to rent out an apartment, the mayor’s office must be notified about this. In addition, in Paris and cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, it is necessary to obtain permission to change the conditions of use of the property. Please note that if you do not own the property, you will need the owner’s permission to sublet the property.

Interhome – reservation, key collection and final cleaning

One of the services that you can use to rent out an apartment in the easiest and most profitable way is Interhome. They currently offer bookings for over 33,000 houses and apartments in 31 countries. The Interhome service includes making the reservation, fulfilling it, handing over the keys and final cleaning. All objects in the database have been assigned a generally recognized star rating in accordance with high standards.

We set the rental price

If you’re having trouble setting a rental price, you can turn to Frogly, a free service that allows you to analyze your home’s potential and maximum rent, all in 90 days.

Frogly – a free service for analyzing the potential of your property

Showcase your property in the best possible light

A traveler typically evaluates photos first, then comments, and ultimately pays attention to price. Increase your chances of getting a good deal by hiring a professional photographer who can take great photos of your property. This will allow you to attract the attention of users.

A photograph of a property is the first thing a potential tenant notices

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover all possible damage.

If the damage was caused by the tenant, you can receive compensation thanks to the deposit that he left. However, if the damage is caused by water or fire, for example, it should be covered by insurance that includes “seasonal rental.”

If this is not the case (or in addition to the benefits of your insurance), you can use the guarantees included in the commission of your chosen online rental platform. Thus, Airbnb, for example, is expected to cover up to €800,000 in damages.

Receiving compensation in the event of theft by a tenant is not as easy as it seems; most contracts require proof of the incident.

Concierge: may be useful to you if you often rent out housing

When the number of tenants increases, details such as handing over keys, house cleaning, welcoming new residents, etc. become not such an easy task. If you can’t do all this yourself, you can entrust your property to a real estate agent or use new platforms like Bnbsitter or Welkeys.

Cancel Reservation

If the cancellation occurs on your part, then you must return the cost to the tenant. In addition, on most platforms it will cost you a drop in search rankings, and a possible fine.

Cancellation of a reservation at the request of the landlord may result in a fine and a drop in rating

In the event that the tenant cancels the reservation, as a rule, the landlord retains a deposit (25% of the rent). If your reservation is canceled at the last minute, you may be eligible for a full refund.

Basements and parking spaces:

The opportunity to rent out a parking space or basement can be very useful to you. The cost of renting a basement can range from 80 to 150 euros per month for 10 square meters in a large city (35%-40% less in a small city). Parking, in turn, can cost up to 120 euros.

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