We restore furniture from minor defects

Many people have pieces of furniture in their home that are significant and would like to take with them to their new place of residence. However, their appearance leaves much to be desired. The furniture may show scuffs, chips, and scratches.

If a chest of drawers, a table, a chair or a closet is dear to your heart, then you can solve this problem with the help of restoration. It includes a whole range of step-by-step measures to eliminate defects and return the item to its original appearance. It is not necessary to involve specialists for this procedure, since you can do everything yourself.

Restore old furniture

We restore furniture from minor defects

If old products have practically not lost their appearance, but abrasions and scratches are clearly visible on their surface, then they can be eliminated. There are different methods for different types of coatings, namely:

  • Varnished wood can be restored using a special oiling stick. It can be purchased at a hardware store;
  • light wood with an oil finish requires the use of a similar oil alloy. First, the surface is sanded, and then the product is applied to the product. It is rubbed with a cloth over the entire coating;
  • iron and plastic surfaces are restored by painting.

For wood products, a special putty can be used, which is applied to the cleaned surfaces with a spatula.
Experts advise that before using any restoration method with folk remedies, test their effect on a small area of ​​furniture.

Pasting with film

This restoration method is also very effective. The material for pasting exists in various colors and textures: matte, glossy. It is preferable to select options that fit well into the main design of the room.

The restoration technique using film proceeds according to the following scheme:

  • the fittings are removed so that nothing interferes with the work;
  • the surface is cleaned, you can use vinegar and detergent for this;
  • furniture is cleaned with sandpaper;
  • the workspace is sprayed with water to increase gliding;
  • the protective layer is removed from the tape and it is glued to the furniture;
  • remove air bubbles with a cloth.

To improve adhesion, an iron can be used to iron the entire product through the fabric. The last stage of restoration is the installation of new fittings.

Restore an old chair

Complete restoration

Complete restoration of furniture is resorted to when defects are found in many places. In such cases apply:

  • cleaning the surface, removing the old coating using a chemical remover. In order for it to penetrate better, it is worth scratching the surface; after the waiting time has elapsed, the peeled crust is removed with a spatula;
  • primer and putty, they will help protect the furniture from chips, holes and cracks in the future. The surface is degreased, and then primed and, at the final stage, puttied;
  • painting the product, before painting the surface is primed again, and after drying the paint is applied in two layers;
  • Applying varnish is a simple process; you can use oil-based, alcohol-based, epoxy or acrylic varnish. The composition is selected taking into account the type of wood.

When the surface of the furniture has become ideal, it can be decorated. There are a large number of design techniques: decoupage, stencil, applique or coloring. Everything will depend on the preferences and style of the room.

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