What is happening and what to do?

Which countries are now open for investment?

Cyprus, Turkey, Thailand, UAE, Caribbean countries, Georgia, Latvia, Northern Cyprus (Turkish) have become more active. The number of options for investment abroad has decreased significantly, but if you want to fix your savings in real estate, in foreign currency, you can now do this, but it makes sense to hurry.

Which countries with Golden Visas are currently available and interesting?

Cyprus, UAE – here you can get a Golden visa to move for permanent residence. While the Caribbean Golden Visa programs remain available, these programs can provide entry into Schengen countries.

How to transfer money abroad?

At the moment, we have information about a reliable transfer channel to the EU through Raiffeisenbank, they have announced that they will continue to work in Russia, and payments through them definitely go abroad. We also have an isolated fact that Sberbank refused to transfer a client to Greece, arguing that it was a ban on transfers to unfriendly countries. Another client at the same Sberbank was offered to make a ruble transfer with conversion into euros already in a European bank. Another client was able to send funds abroad, but there the European bank refused to accept the funds.

Currently, the most severe sanctions (disconnection from SWIFT) have been imposed on 7 Russian banks: VTB, Rossiya Bank, Otkritie, Novikombank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank and VEB.RF

There are no difficulties in the direction of Turkey – our banks transfer money, Turkish banks accept it. Transfers to the UAE are also free.

How to fly abroad?

The best way is Turkish and Arab airlines. No one has banned them anywhere; they can fly anywhere. It is possible that they will soon open direct flights between Russia and the EU.

In addition, there is Cyprus, which wants to revoke its ban on Russian airlines, nodding to Northern Cyprus, where Russian planes are ready to fly without problems.

Be that as it may, the situation changes daily; our professional community MIPIF promptly informs colleagues about new loopholes and problems. We are recording these changes and preparing an emergency online meeting on March 10 for specialists, where we will talk about new challenges and ways to solve them.

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