where and for what purpose do Ukrainians rent housing daily?

Inexpensive overnight accommodation in an apartment in Kyiv or in the West – this is the option most people who need to rent housing daily hope to find. More information about the purpose for which Ukrainians rent an apartment for a short period of time and what they pay attention to during the search can be found in the results of the OLX Real Estate survey.


An apartment is traditionally the most popular type of housing among tenants, and daily rentals are no exception. The majority of Ukrainians surveyed (more than 52%) seek to rent an apartment for a few days, while almost a quarter prefer to rent a house. At the same time, for most people (more than 61%), an acceptable price per night cannot exceed 500 hryvnia, another 29% of respondents are ready to spend up to 1,000 hryvnia, and only 10% of respondents believe that the cost of an overnight stay can be up to 1,500 hryvnia or exceed this amount (5% of such people, respectively).

The main purpose of renting is recreation or solving work issues

Approximately 32% of people noted that they rent an apartment or house for the weekend to get away, change the usual “scenery” or celebrate a personal holiday (birthday, wedding, etc.).

Another 25% of respondents rent housing on a daily basis to resolve business in another city.

Of course, it is important for Ukrainians to meet loved ones and spend time together. This reason ranks third in the number of answers among 23.5% of respondents.

For 15% of respondents, short-term rentals serve as a temporary shelter (but not their main one).

Household amenities and developed infrastructure are key factors when choosing an apartment

When viewing ads on OLX Real Estate:

  • 53% pay attention to whether the premises have their own kitchen and necessary household appliances;
  • 45% will choose housing close to the city center and attractions, and will also check how developed the infrastructure is in the area;
  • 37% are interested in having a recent renovation;
  • 31% checks the number of rooms.

Most often, daily housing is sought in Kyiv, Lviv region and Transcarpathia

Among survey participants, Kyiv is the most popular city for daily rentals. About 13% responded that they were looking for short-term rentals in the capital. Another 10% of Ukrainians are interested in housing in the Lviv region, 9% of respondents want to rent housing for daily rent in Transcarpathia. The Kiev and Odessa regions share fourth place in popularity (8% each, respectively), and the Cherkasy region closes the top five – 6.5% of respondents are interested in short-term rentals in this region.

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