Why you should buy property in Thailand

One of the most promising destinations in Southeast Asia in terms of purchasing real estate for temporary or permanent residence, as well as renting it out, is Thailand. It is extremely popular among Russian-speaking investors due to its warm climate and beautiful nature, fairly stable financial, economic and political situation, low prices for housing and basic goods, developed infrastructure and good transport links. However, there are at least five more good reasons why you should buy property in Thailand without postponing this decision for a long time.

1. Stable growth in housing prices

Buy property in Thailand

Recently, the Thai real estate market has been developing at a rapid pace compared not only with other countries in this region, but also with EU countries. Suffice it to say that, based on World Bank data, at the beginning of 2020, Thailand ranked second in the world after Croatia as the most promising investment destination. At the same time, according to Forbes magazine, the local real estate market is in eighth position among the most developing. Even the Covid-19 pandemic had virtually no effect on prices, which, after a short fall, returned to their previous level with a tendency to further increase.

2. Rich selection of objects

Buying property in Thailand

Unlike the vast majority of Southeast Asian countries, Thailand has a large selection of real estate properties – both in type and in price. Here you can find budget apartments with an area of ​​30 sq.m., apartments in a residential complex with a swimming pool, gym and recreation area, and detached spacious villas in close proximity to the sea. The price level for liquid objects starts from 50 thousand USD, although, among other things, geographical location should also be taken into account. In this regard, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin and the capital of the country, Bangkok, are the most popular among foreign investors.

3. Profitability of rental

Housing in Thailand

In Thailand, there is no such phenomenon as the seasonality of the tourist flow, which does not stop all year round and before the coronavirus pandemic amounted to over 40 million people annually. The vast majority of them come to seaside resorts, where foreigners mostly buy real estate, not all of whom prefer to stay in hotels. From renting out an apartment you can get a guaranteed income of 6.5-8% per annum, while in European countries even 5-5.5% is considered a very good indicator. However, the location of the property should be taken into account, since Phuket and Bangkok differ greatly in terms of profitability.

4. High level of security

Moving to Thailand

Despite the great difference in mentality and traditions, Thais for the most part are friendly towards foreigners who do not violate local customs. As in any country in the world, in Thailand there is crime, corruption and other negative phenomena, but the poorest segments of the population do not feel envy or hatred towards wealthy people. If you prove yourself to be the best in your relationships with local residents, you can always count on their help. If you live permanently in your area, you can feel completely free, not to mention closed urbanizations.

5. Availability of basic services

Buy property in Thailand

Despite the fact that Thailand is not one of the leading economic powers on the planet (in terms of economic growth, it ranks fourth in Southeast Asia after Vietnam, Indonesia and China), the quality of services provided is very high. In particular, the healthcare system here is well developed, and although going to the doctor or, especially, a surgical operation is not a cheap pleasure, the results of treatment will justify the money spent. Also in the country it is possible to open a bank account without unnecessary bureaucratic formalities, and there is no such strict control over the origin of funds, which occurs in many EU countries.

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