In the vast majority of countries of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement, emigration on a work visa is an extremely difficult and sometimes almost impossible process. This is explained by a fairly high level of unemployment, as a result of which local authorities tend to give preference to local specialists.

Foreigners applying for such a visa must not only have higher qualifications, but also undergo a number of bureaucratic procedures, including diploma homologation, when it comes to representatives of socially responsible professions – doctors, teachers, researchers and others.

What is a work visa to Portugal?


Portugal is one of those countries where it is very difficult to get a job. For this, it is not enough just to have a contract concluded according to all the rules; the future employer must provide evidence that the foreigner, due to his appropriate education, experience (at least five years), unique skills and other qualities, will perform the required type of work better than the Portuguese. Therefore, a work visa to Portugal is usually not issued to everyone, but only to highly qualified specialists.

There are two ways to prove that you have a sufficient level of training: either by sending your resume to specialized sites, or by arriving in the country as a tourist, conducting a study of the situation and searching on the spot.

Some of the most popular job sites in Portugal that have English versions include:

Although, if you have sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language, you can use local newspapers, each of which publishes daily job advertisements. The most famous of them:

  • Diário de Notícias;
  • Publico;
  • Jornal de Notícias

spreading throughout the country.

However, if you are lucky, you can only conclude a preliminary agreement with the employer, but in no case immediately begin performing work duties, which in the future is fraught with deportation and a long-term ban on entry into the Schengen countries.

However, the employer is unlikely to take the risk himself, since he will face more serious punishment – from a large fine to imprisonment for four years.

However, even a preliminary contract is not a guarantee that a work visa to Portugal will be issued to the applicant in the future. One month is given to ensure that no Portuguese applicants appear for this position, and the quota allocated for it is also checked.

If these conditions are successfully met, you should keep in mind that a work visa to Portugal for Russians can be opened for either up to 4 months or up to 1 year, with the possibility of subsequent extension.

Work visa to Portugal for Russians


If people from former Portuguese colonies – for example, Brazilians – have their own work visas, and their registration, as a rule, does not encounter serious bureaucratic obstacles, then Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians have a rather difficult time.

This is a work visa to Portugal for a period of one year, which implies obtaining a residence permit in this country. In addition to hired employees, such a visa is requested by business owners, investors, as well as scientists and teachers to work in their main profile. A work visa to Portugal for Russians can be issued with less time and nerves to representatives of such professions as:

  • IT specialists;
  • programmers;
  • cybersecurity specialists;
  • architects;
  • civil engineers.

There is an opportunity for low-skilled personnel to go to Portugal – for example, fruit pickers or cleaners. However, this will be equivalent to seasonal work, and in this case you can only count on a four-month visa, albeit with an unlimited number of entries and exits.

The most suitable cities in Portugal for employment, as in the case of doing business, are Lisbon, Porto and Braga, and for tourism workers – Faro, Albufeira, Vilamoura and other southern coastal resorts.

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How to get a work visa to Portugal


After the future employer has prepared a letter to the Portuguese consular department in the Russian Federation with a preliminary contract, justification of the employee’s professional value, a work permit and information about the latter’s intended place of residence, it is necessary to start collecting documents in Russia for a work visa to Portugal. Required documents include:

  • internal and foreign passports (original and copies of all pages). At the same time, the foreign passport must have at least two pages free; in addition, you must present your previous passport;
  • application form of the established form;
  • statement;
  • a certificate from your current place of employment regarding your position and salary;
  • a certificate from the future place of work in Portugal regarding the advance payment;
  • a certificate from a Russian bank about the movement of funds in the account or other evidence of financial solvency;
  • certificates of good conduct and health status, translated into Portuguese and legalized at the Portuguese consulate;
  • 3 clear photographs on a white background measuring 3.5×4.5 cm;
  • Portuguese health insurance with coverage of 30 thousand euros;
  • in case of traveling for seasonal work, book a return ticket;
  • payment of visa and consular fees.

The applicant must submit all documents in order to obtain a work visa to Portugal in person, and not through a courier or travel agency. And it is far from a fact that there will be no interview and a visa will be successfully issued in about a month if the consular officer has suspicions that the future labor migrant is going to remain in the country illegally. By the way, those who apply for a one-year visa still have the same four months from the moment of arrival in Portugal in order to apply for a residence permit.

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